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Postage stamps (request)

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Dear Sirs

For a long time I dedicate to the hobby of Philately. Initially, my focus was Brazilian emissions and one or another country whose stamps were easy to get. As time passed by, the number of these countries has increased, and nowadays I have the difficult goal to get at least one stamp from each country of the world.

I would like to request your help on sending me some postal stamps from your country. The stamps may be new, used, old, or attached to the fragment of envelope where they've been glued. Any contribution on your part will be of great value.

In addition, if there are other countries' stamps from your received mail, these will also be useful.

Thanks for your attention.

Sérgio de Mesquita Serra
Av. Gonçalo Rolemberg Leite, 1882/1003
Ed. Marajó - Suiça - 49050-370

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