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Looking for mixed fracture from Latvia

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Looking for mixed fracture from Latvia

Post by Denisa » Sat Jun 29, 2019 4:39 pm

I am searching for a contact to Latvian philately stores or clubs who could help me to get an interesting philately piece (described below). Could you please give me a contact to philately shop or club in Latvia (especially Riga)? I am going for a trip there in July so would like to know where I could go.

Just to explain, I am looking for a very special philately piece from Latvia for my grandfather. He has been collecting post stamps in Czechoslovakia and later in the Czech Republic for more than 60 years. Ca 15 years ago he decided to collect special postcards/envelopes from each European member state which changed the local currency to euro. Such postcard/envelope is very special because there is a stamp in local currency (Latvian lati) and another stamp in euro; it is so called mixed fracture. He has been very successful in doing this, he collected this kind of post pieces in each euro-zone member state and presented it in the European philately exhibition in Brno in 2005... Unfortunately, as of now Latvia is the only one missing in the collection.

If anything, just let me know here or via email:

Thank you very much for your help.

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