Latvian overprinted postal stationary

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Latvian overprinted postal stationary

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Sveiki. Meklēju informāciju par vecām padomju pasta stacionārajām aploksnēm, kuras pārdrukātas Latvijas Pasts un lietotas no 1992.-1993.g. Vai par šīm aploksnēm ir kāds rakstisks raksts, katalogs vai kontrolsaraksts? Man ir vismaz 50, un es gribētu no tiem izveidot izstādi. Paldies par tavu palīdzību!

Hello. I am looking for information about old Soviet postal stationary envelopes that were overprinted by Latvijas Pasts and used from 1992-1993. Is there any written article or catalog or checklist of these envelopes? I have at least 50 and would like to make an exhibit from them. Thank you for your help!

-- Martin
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Re: Latvian overprinted postal stationary

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Hello Martin,

Sorry for the somewhat late response.
There are very few written sources for overprinted Soviet postal stationery issued by Latvijas Pasts.

Two catalogues comes to mind:
1. Michel Ganzsachen Europa ab 1960; Westliches Europa 2011 (ISBN: 978-3-87858-056-0).
2. Specialized Catalogue of Postage Stamps and Postal Stationery of Latvia, 12th edition, 2007 (ISBN: 9984-9126-9-8).

The Michel catalogue has 864 numbered pages, but only seven of them are about Latvian stationery. The Latvian listings are far from complete, so there is not much to gain by purchasing the catalogue for the price of €78 (or cheaper if used or on sale).
The second catalogue was issued by the Philatelic Society of Latvia and has almost the same information as the Michel catalogue up and until the year 2005. The catalogue is bilingual Latvian/English and to my knowledge the last edition issued. Copies are seen for sale on eBay, Delcampe and other venues from time to time (not that often though).

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them here on this forum. I will answer to the best of my knowledge with reference to the mentioned catalogues. I am not going to contact you or anyone else directly via e-mail.

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